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Professional accountancy and taxation services

tax-return-hmrcWith over 30 years of experience we can advise you on your:


From your records we will prepare annual accounts that form the basis of your self-assessment tax return. If required we can advise you on ways to strengthen your record keeping that will benefit you in running your business.


If you are UK small business considering selling an asset we can give advice on any reliefs that may be available to you and the possible capital gains tax charge that may ensue. In addition we may be able to recommend a more beneficial way of planning your affairs to reduce any tax liabilities.


If you are at all concerned about inheritance tax issues then please contact us for advice. Inheritance tax is a tax on your wealth and is chargeable when you die so it is very important to minimize any potential tax liability on your estate beneficiaries.
Many people ignore UK inheritance tax, as it does not apply until ‘later’, when actually sound inheritance tax planning and seeking advice is something that could save your estate beneficiaries a lot of tax in the future.